7 Things To Know Before Moving To Abu Dhabi UAE

7 Things To Know Before Moving To Abu Dhabi UAE

7 Things To Know Before Moving To Abu Dhabi UAE Abu Dhabi

Information About Abu Dhabi UAE

Abu Dhabi is not the first name which rings the bell when planing to travel to UAE. Surely its neighbouring city Dubai steals all the lime light due to its tourist attraction and relatively large population, but the fact of the matter is that it’s the capital emirate and a lot opportunities are available here. Just to give you a glimpse; the economy of Abu Dhabi grossed 194 billion USD in 2018 according to IMF which is far more than the 80 billion plus economy of Dubai. The emirate does not only have more than 60 percent share of the economy but also encompass 87% land mass of the whole country. With these facts cleared in mind there is no problem to understand that why every year a lot of expats move here to make this wonderful and adorable city their second home. Whether you are moving alone or moving with family, both can be challenging and daunting task. Apart from the usual homesickness, one has to sort a lot of stuff after or even before moving to Abu Dhabi. To give you a heads start we have some facts check to give you about some key factors about the city.

7 Things To Know Before Moving To Abu Dhabi UAE Climate
Climatic Condition In Dubai/Abu Dhabi UAE

7 Things To Know Before Moving To Abu Dhabi UAE

  1. Climatic Conditions
  2. There are no surprises in Dubai / Abu Dhabi UAE, one must keep in mind that it’s a desert and the sun shines here all year long although temperature can vary during, summers it reaches more than 40 0C and during winters it never go below 15 0C, but the sunshine is always consistent. An attractive quality for expats coming from western countries especially UK or Canada. But the good thing is that even in the summer you don’t have to bare the heat most of the time, air conditioning is available almost everywhere, even the bus stops are air conditioned. If you don’t wish to leave the home you don’t have to even the local grocery shops in Abu Dhabi / Dubai can bring small groceries at your doorstep. So cheer up convenience is going to be your new lifestyle after moving to Abu Dhabi.

    7 Things To Know Before Moving To Abu Dhabi UAE Culture Language
    Culture & Language In Dubai/Abu Dhabi UAE
  3. Culture & Language:
  4. You would be pleasantly surprised with the amount of cultures and ethnicities available to mingle around in Abu Dhabi / Dubai. People from around the globe travel to Abu dhabi UAE, if you love meeting new people from different parts of the world then this city is definitely for you. However, you might have to be patient sometimes to navigate your way through as it can be hard to comprehend how things work out in different cultures. Although learning Arabic which is the official language here, would have an advantage but almost everyone knows English thus you don’t have to expect any language barrier.

    7 Things To Know Before Moving To Abu Dhabi UAE Transportation
    Transportation In Dubai/Abu Dhabi UAE
  5. Transportation Services Provided
  6. This is the beating pulse for any modern city. Abu Dhabi does not have a metro line like Dubai, but the bus network is relatively cheap and reliable source of commute. Monthly bus pass can be purchased for as low as 80Dhs. Taxis are available 24/7 in every part of the city with minimum fare of 12Dhs. Cabs can be called on as well other options such as Careem is also readily available. You might find many of the fares much cheaper than your home country.

    7 Things To Know Before Moving To Abu Dhabi UAE Cuisines
    Cuisines in Dubai/Abu Dhabi UAE
  7. Cuisines
  8. Whether you live to eat or eat to live, in either cases the abu dhabi & dubai has everything to offer from local Emirati cuisine to Indian curries, dishes form the Far East or most popular fast food chains around the world. The restaurants here have broad spectrum of prices options as well, if you appreciate fine dining with great ambiance or either you are on budget there are options for everyone, so be prepared to get your taste buds tickle.

    7 Things To Know Before Moving To Abu Dhabi UAE Educational Institutes
    Educational Institutes In Abu Dhabi UAE
  9. Educational Institutes:
  10. If you are visiting UAE with your children then educational institutes such as schools, colleges and universities are an important aspect to look for. Have a peace of mind that the capital emirate has best schools ranging from public schools to private schools which are teaching British or American curriculums. There are various schools run by the commonwealth countries embassies which means your children would get same education as in your native country. All in all there are more than 256 public schools and 185 private schools situated in the greater Abu Dhabi area. As far as higher education is concerned there are local and international renowned options available such Khalifa University, Sorborne Paris or the famous New York Universtiy Abu Dhabi campus.

    7 Things To Know Before Moving To Abu Dhabi UAE Leisure Amenities
    Leisure Amenities In Abu Dhabi UAE
  11. Leisure Amenities:
  12. Abu Dhabi is filled with fun places where you can spend quality time on weekends or any free time and make lifelong memories. If you love water parks don’t look further and visit Yas water world one of the best waterparks in the region, if you enjoy adrenaline filled roller coaster rides do visit Ferrari world Abu Dhabi, or just amuse yourself and dwell in your childhood by visiting warner bros amusement park Abu Dhabi. Visit one of the largest and most famous Art Museum Louvre or one of the largest mosques Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Capital city abu dhabi. The Abu Dhabi is also filled with beaches and waterfronts and golden shining sand is plentiful. Apart from this Abu Dhabi has plenty of options for world class shopping malls keep a check on your wallet as there can be a tempting but expensive never ending shopping spree. Famous malls here are Yas Mall, Marina Mall, Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi Mall, AL Wahda Mall and many more smaller shopping centres to shop for any item from any high end luxury brand in the world. If you and your friends love to party there is no shortage of nightclubs as well, In a nutshell the normal cliché of going to Dubai for fun is just not true anymore.

    7 Things To Know Before Moving To Abu Dhabi UAE Residence
    Real Estate In Abu Dhabi UAE
  13. Residence:
  14. The single most important thing for anyone moving for the first time or traveling to Dubai / Abu Dhabi UAE is to sort his or her residence issues. It’s worth mentioning here that if the accommodation is not paid by your employer then be prepared and spare a large portion of your income for rental or mortgage payments. Residence is more of a budget driven subject but if you are loaded then the good news is that the new laws allow you to own property on freehold agreements just like a local resident. There are plenty of options to choose from, you can have modest size studio apartment in the heart of the city or can get a villa on a pristine beach at Saadiyat or Raha Beach in abu dhabi. Rental payments in Abu Dhabi are payable upfront for the whole year, thus you have to arrange the finances as per the requirement whether it is personal payment or the company accommodation allowance, multiple cheques may be an option but very rarely a monthly payment arrangement can be made. Before making a tenancy contract all the documents such as the passport copy, emirates id and resident visa copy has to be submitted. If your company is paying for your tenancy then an offer letter has to be made which will be approved by your employer for further processing. Registration with Tawtheeq is also required so that you can get your water, electricity, gas and internet connections.

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