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8 Things To Know Before Buying Apartment,Properties In Dubai UAE

  • 1.Dubai

  • Dubai is the capital of United Arab Emirates.Dubai is one of the developed and safest city in the world, where the Dubai government welcomes more investors to UAE.In 2020 Dubai government implemented a new law, regarding the visiting visa for expat.Now an expat or foreigner can get a five year visiting visa.Means, helshe doesnt need to exit to renew the visiting visa for 5 years. In this way the government welcomes more visitors to Dubai.
  • 2.Dubai Land Department ?

  • Dubai Land Department[DLD] is entailed to monitor the real estate dealings within Dubai.As per law number 7 the main duty of DLD is in organisation, registration and promotion of real estate investment in Dubai.In Abu dhabi it is ADM.
  • 3.Demographics

  • According to statistics on october 8 2019 Dubai has a population of over 3.137 million.About 88% are expats. About 71% of emirates total population is from India, Pakistan and many others from different countries.Lot of expats and foreigners buy apartments and properties in Dubai.Since most of the expats have been lving in Dubai UAE for very long period of years.You could find people from other countries living here for over the past 40 years or more.For those people owning an apartment or villa in Dubai is more profitable than living here for a lease basis.
    According 2018 statistics Abu Dhabi have 1.45 Million population , which includes expats and foreigners from different country.
  • 4.Freehold Areas

  • Freehold area is a place where an expat can buy apartments or any properties in Dubai and hold it for lifetime.To be exact an expat can buy property in Dubai freehold area and hold the property for 99 years,after 99 years he/she can transfer the property to his son, wife or any relative.Dubai freehold property areas are found in Um Hurair, Al Barsha, Emirates Hills, Jebel Ali, Al Gouz, Ras Al Khour, Nad Al Shiba, and many other.The freehold areas in Abu Dhabi is al reem island, saadiyat island, al reef, al raha, etc
  • 5.Lease hold areas

  • Lease hold area is place where an expat or foreigner can buy apartment or property , but the property can be held by those parties for 99 years, after 99 years the property or apartment will be taken back by government. or before 99 years those properties should be sold.There are many leasehold areas in Dubai like Deera, Discovery Garden, Jumeirah, and many other.The lease hold areas in Abu dhabi includes khaldiya, khalifa , hamdan mussafah etc
  • 6.Dream home at 3000aed/month

  • Why and where should you invest in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE.
    If you are planning to live in Dubai with your family, suppose you are living in a rented villa or apartment , and the min cost of lease amaount per month will be 50,000. So if you calculate the amount for 20 years say , it will be around 1 Million Dhs.
    You could actually bought a home within this period of time.Theres nothing to think about it.100% you can own your dream home in Dubai. Let me explain you can find apartments or villas in Dubai even at a lower cost. That is within your budget.For an expat the downpayment will be 25% of the total value of property and for UAE national it will be 20% of total value of property.
  • Dont worry about paying the rest of money,You just have to save the downpayment amount from your pocket , the rest of amount will be provided by banks, with an exciting payment plans. Say for 800,000 aed worth apartment in Dubai you will need to pay around 3,253AED/Month for 20 years,or 10,715AED/Month for 5 years. You can choose the interval of time period to repay the loan amount.
  • With we help you find your dream home in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • If you are looking for investment, then consult an agent as there are certain areas considered to be perfect for property investment. They are characterised with high rental value., high capital growth rate per year, and they are surrounded with many amenities and commercial centers. On the other hand, if you are looking for a house to live and settle in Dubai. Then you ought to look for convenient areas suitable for you and your family requirements. You should check first the locations of the best schools, hospitals, recreational centers, and many other.
  • 7.Abu Dhabi, Dubai future

  • The future of Dubai depends on the coming expo 2020.Investors and economist says lot of investors form different countries will come to Dubai expo 2020 for investing or participating in Dubai Expo 2020. Since Dubai cant accomodate large number of people , more people will come to Abu Dhabi.This will eventually increase the real estate sector, transportation sector and all other industries in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE.
  • 8.Finance for Buying Your dream home

  • Another important thing you need to know before buying a property in Dubai is the real estate finance system in the emirate. Financing services for property buyers is available, however it’s restricted only on banks and companies authorized by the United Arab Emirates Central Bank. Most home loans in Dubai are offered at a rate ranging between 3 t 4 percent. To get a mortgage, the creditor must check the investor eligibility in order to check his financial capability of paying back the debt. This is determined through a number of factors like; the minimum salary, minimum length of service, the company which the buyer works for, and many other.