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Commercial Properties For Sale

Commercial Properties For Sale

  • If you are looking a commercial properties for sale in Abu Dhabi, look for some of the off plan projects which offer exceptional waiver from municipality fees and property maintenance charges. There are free hold areas which might offer some of the highest returns for all the obvious reasons, such as brand recognition of Aldar & DAMAC. A lot of villas and apartments are also sold by direct owners which makes real estate secondary market much more lucrative for investment as price can vary drastically depending upon individual owner’s requirement of instant cash or the discounts they avail as early buyers. Projects in Abu Dhabi are much diverse ranging from modern stylish apartments to the more lavishly designed villa community. Mortgage valuation can be done in advance , the budget considerations must be taken in account when skimming through Abu dhabi properties, a well aware investor can yield returns smartly and quickly.

Does Commercial properties provide income?

  • Investing in commercial properties needs more funds compared to residential real estate. But Most of the developers and bank help with mortgage for better investment.

  • Some business owns a a whole building , and some will lease the whole building to some other people , and the inreturn he gets a good amount of fund per year directly from the person who leased the property, in some cases , the investor directly lease each office space to different companies and collect the rental per year. The rental charges per year will be huge , considering the factors like age of the building, neatness, amenities place, every thing counts.

Investing in commercial real estate

  • investing in commercial property is the best investment opportunity in 2020 in abu dhabi or dubai to get better return, with global99 we help achieve your goals.

Investing in commercial property vs. Residential property

  •  The initial investment costs of the building and the costs associated with customization for tenants are much higher than residential properties, but the overall returns are also higher, and some of the common headaches associated with tenants aren't present when dealing with a company and clear leases. Commercial property along with residential real estate combines the primary category of real estate.Residential includes structures reserved for human living and it cant be used for commercial or industrial use. Where as commercial properties are used in commercial sectors like office space , whole buildings, shopping centers etc. Commercial properties for sale classified into four categories, they are offices,industrial , multifamily, and retail. In general commercial properties are used for business purposes, where as residential property is used for living purposes. The four categories of commercial property include office, multi family, industrial, retail.

Commercial property for sale can be divided into 5 categories.

  • 1.Office Building
  • 2.Retail/Restraunts
  • 3.Multifamily
  • 4.Land
  • 5.Miscellaneous

Things to consider before buying a commercial property

  • 9 things to consider before buying a commercial proeprties

  • 1.The location must be easily accesible to public and the connectivity to road and other amenities matter the most.

  • 2.It is very important to know what was the property used before and the purpose of that commercial property. These factors determine the rent and resale value of the commercial property in future.

  • 3.Every kind of business would put the property into different levels, hence it is necessary to know

  • 4.The other important factor to consider is fund. There should be a good planning , and if full payment is not possible, mortgage will be available with good payment plan.

  • 5.In todays world, parking space matters a lot to car owners,so before buying a commercial proeprty make sure, parking space is available also water,electricity and maintanance in that locality

  • 6.If the property is lease or freehold property.

  • 7.Infrastructure and neighbourhood effects property value,also check other properties near you, or government offices,public amenities etc.

  • 8.Check if the commercial properties if free from any old or existing litigations.

  • 9.Most of the commercial property have hiddenn cost, these cost are associated with maintanance of property . these potential cost must be estimated in advance and discussed in contract.

Benifits of investing in Commercial Properties

  • Investing in commercial properties is one of the best way of making a good source of income.One of the most benifits of investing in commercial property is collecting rent form occupants on average commercial property have between 6% to 12% return of the original purchased amount. The other benifit in investing in commercial properties is leasing out the whole property or even selling the whole property or unit by unit for offices or any other purposes.Selling after the purchase of 3 or 4 years yields a better returns. There are other advantage that arent really financially benifitial but can get more business out of it. One is that leasing to some reputable business, tends to keep their office space good and neat looking for their customerss,and these business even go fo long term leasing,which in turn benifits the owner in good amount.This type of investment in commercial properties can bring your dream come true! Are you in themarket for commercial real estate? If so you should probably seek out legal,real estate and financial advice and latest commercial properties available to buy and sell. Feel free to visit us at . The knowledgeable real estate agents on our marketplace can help you achieve your journey towards in successfully owning a commercial property. Hope this helps!