Most Popular Freehold Areas In Abu Dhabi


Abu dhabi government recently has announced an amendment on april 2019 , that non UAE nationals, foreigners of all nationalities and expats can buy a property in freehold areas in abu dhabi.The two types of areas available for investment is freehold and lease hold. A freehold area is where an expat or foreigner can buy a property, and hold it for lifelong , means. If he/she buys a freehold property , he can hold it for 99 years, after 99 years or before 99 years of completion he/she can transfer the property to wife/husband or children or any other person. So on transfering the property to anyone , again a 99 years will be given to property, in this way the property becomes freehold. Where as in leasehold , when an expat or foreigner buys a property in leasehold, he/she can hold the property only for 99 years, even if transfering the property.The below listed are the top freehold areas in Abu Dhabi for buying your dream home for expats and emiratis.Free hold areas are developing day by day , mainly if we say , Reem island,its one of the best freehold area for investment or to buy your dream home. Find out more aprtments for sale in Al Reem Island.You can find luxurious and affordable apartments in marina square, Reem island.Reem Island is fullfilled with amenities like , park that you would no where in Abu Dhabi , The biggest mall in Abu Dhabi is comming in Al Reem island, mosque, school , hospitals ,Paragon mall, Galleria Mall, and other amenities are included in Al Reem Island. most popular freehold areas in abu dhabi

Al Reem Island

Among the top freehold areas , al reem island takes the first position in the list. Most of the properties or apartments comes with a waterfront.investors will find a range of residential developments on Al Reem, offering sleek and contemporary apartments and penthouses, and office spaces. With malls, parks , universities and biggest mall in town is being constructed in al reem , makes al reem island the best choice for investors to invest in apartments or villas or offices.Most of the potential buyers are interested to buy a property in al reem island.It’s also located close to the Abu Dhabi main island and is connected via two highways, offering residents easy access to popular hubs. Reem Island is a natural island 600 metres off the coast of Abu Dhabi island. Reem Investments, and Tamouh are independently developing parts of the island with projects like Shams Abu Dhabi. Reem Developers define the overall dimensions of the project as 6.5 million square metres and investment costs as exceeding $30 billion. The project has gained international interest as one of the first free zones in Abu Dhabi. The sales prices for studio apartments in Al Reem Island cost around 817, 436 AED. properties for sale in freehold areas

Yas Island

Yas island is most popular in abu dhabi investment zones. Housing endless attractions like the yas marina circuit yas mall, ferrari world abu dhabi, and other parts. Investors can find properties in yas island ranging from luxury to affordable, offering all type of people to invest in yas island. Yas island has attracted global attention and has the hottest properties in abu dhabi .Golf courses, retail and dining outlets,schools,upscale hotels, and events add to the luxurious lifestyle in yas island. The island proximity to the abu dhabi dubai highway gives in high investment opportunity and best choice for expats on buying properties in abu dhabi. Yas islands development project was started in 2006 by Aldar Properties, with the aim of turning yas island into a luxurious and multi purpose leisure , shopping , and entertainment center, at an estimated total cost of over 1 billion. It occupies a total land area of 2,500 ha (25 km²), of which 1,700 ha will be claimed for development. Yas Island holds the Yas Marina Circuit, which has hosted the Formula One Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix since 2009.[2] The price range for buying an apartment in yas island cost around from 480k, while villa in yas island starts from 2.4M Aed. properties for sale in freehold areas

Saadiyat island

Saadiyat island has become the cultural hub of abu dhabi. Which is currently being developed by Aldar properties. Saadiyat island is one of the abu dhabi investment zone that featured among the top areas, to buy villas and apartments in abu dhabi on first quarter of 2019 The property in saadiyat island boasts expansive golf courses, beaches, restraunts and other amenities, such as supermarkets, schools and universities on island. Through abu dhabi – al falah road it gives everyone an easy access to abu dhabi main island Saadiyat Island is a tourism-cultural project for nature and Emirati heritage and culture.The project consists of a large, low-lying island, 500 metres off the coast of Abu Dhabi island, UAE. A mixed commercial, residential, and leisure project is currently under construction on the island, expected to be completed in 2020. Saadiyat Island is expected to become Abu Dhabi’s cultural centre.Expats or foreigners who wants to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in abu dhabi, should go for saadiyat island.The starting price to buy apartments in Saadiyat Island is AED 2,435,000, while Saadiyat Island villas start from 9,170,000, according to current listings on Bayut. properties for sale in freehold areas

Al Reef

The next popular free hold area in abu dhabi is al reef. Al reef is developed by manazel real estate. The strategic location on mainland and the ease of travel to airport makes it attractive to investors. It is near Abu Dhabi-Ghweifat Highway and offers everyone a shorter commute time to Dubai. Investors can find apartments and villas for sale in al reef, which also yields high rental charges.The prices for villas and apartments in Al Reef are also more affordable than Abu Dhabi’s more upscale communities, welcoming more investors to invest in al reef island abu dhabi.Al reef offers all kind of amenities to the and is a home to multicultural crowd.Foreign investors or expats, who need to buy an apartment or villa in al reef that is low in price, then al reef is the best option for all investors. Al reef sometimes known as al reef villas or al reef downtown. Living in al reef abu dhabi is a great choice in terms of geographically. It was the first development targeting the middle income earners in abu dhabi. Al reef is located near airport and al raha beach has contributed to its growth. Investors can expect shell out a starting price of AED 425k for apartments in Al Reef, and buying prices for Al Reef villas start from AED 1.1M properties for sale in freehold areas

Al Raha Beach

For expats or foreigners looking for a freehold property, al raha beach is a good investment option.Al raha beach consist of waterfront properties for sale, including apartments, villas and townhouses, and consistently ranks amongst the top freehold areas in abu dhabi to buy apartments in Abu Dhabi.Al raha beach have amenities like schools, beaches and a mall attracts both young professionals and families. The apartments and villas for sale in Al Raha Beach is connected to the Abu Dhabi – Dubai Highway and is located close to the Yas Island.Al raha has lots of luxury hotels , beaches for entertainment.Prices to buy apartments in Al Raha Beach start from AED 810k, while the villas in Al Raha Beach have sales prices from AED 4.1M. properties for sale in freehold areas

Al Shamkha

Foreigners, expats or any other investors find it excellent in investing in al shamkha, which is located along Abu Dhabi-Sweihan Road.Al Shamkha is located further away from the city centre, across from the Al Falah area.Investors get a range of properties, from residential plots, apartments and villas to select from Al Shamkha. The prices to buy villas in Shamkha start from AED 4.1M, which will afford investors a sprawling 8-bedroom villa.Over the decades Al Shamkha have developed a lot, now it have supermarkets, schools, parks, clinic and other amenities for the residents. Al Shamkha is located close to abu dhabi international airport.Investors can find a lot of properties for sale in Al Shamkha.Apartments in al shamkha may cost around 690,000 AED. apartments for sale in freehold areas al shamkha

Masdar City

Masdar city is one of the sustainable cities in the world, which is developed by masdar- a subsidary of mubadala investment group.Masdar City is one of the freehold area in Abu Dhabi. This energy-efficient Masdar city combines residential and commercial spaces. Masdar city comes with amenities like,retail outlets,parks, universities ,school and other necessary amenities. Investors who like to buy apartment, villas have choice , which is built near masdar science and technology institute. Masdar City is a planned city project in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. Its core is being built by Masdar, with the majority of capital provided by the Government of Abu Dhabi.Designed by the British architectural firm Foster and Partners, the city relies on solar energy and other renewable energy sources, thats why masdar city becomes sustainable city in the world. Masdar City is less than 10 minutes away from the Abu Dhabi International Airport, with nearby communities like Khalifa City and Al Raha Beach . Masdar City is still introducing new attractions and amenities such as the My City Centre, expected to open in second quarter of 2019. Foreign investors and expats who want to buy apartments or villas in Abu Dhabi freehold property could consider the Masdar City. The starting price to buy apartments in Masdar City is 550,000 AED, which can get buyers a studio apartment. apartments for sale in freehold areas masdar city abu dhabi

Nurai Island

Nurai island is one of the most expensive island to live in, and most beautiful attraction of abu dhabi.Foreign investors looking for a stunning and luxurious home in abu dhabi, then nurai island is the first option for your investment.Nurai island is 10 minute boat ride away from Saadiyat island. The villas for sale in Nurai Island have amazing views of lagoon waters and the ultimate privacy. The luxurious Zaya Nurai Resort on the island has drawn attention from tourists and visitors from all over UAE. Nurai Island may just be the most lavish and expensive of freehold areas in Abu Dhabi. The starting price to buy villas in Nurai Island is AED 12.1M. This will get investors a sprawling, waterfront 4-bedroom villa with interiors and décor of the highest quality.Nurai island will remain the top most luxurious island to spend your vacation in abu dhabi with your family. properties for sale in freehold areas abu dhabi nurai island

Al Falah City

Al Falah city is located beside the al shamkha. Investors looking to invest also search for properties in al falah city.Al falah city comes with apartments and villas. Al falah city consist of every amenities needed for residence. Amenities like supermarket, pharmacies,schools,restraunts, parks etc.This is one of the well-connected freehold areas in Abu Dhabi that lies between the Abu Dhabi – Ghweifat Highway and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. properties for sale in freehold areas al falah city abu dhabi

Al Maryah Island

Investors find it as an awesome opportunity to invest in al maryah island . Al maryah island is located near abu dhabi town and Al Reem island, allowing residents easy access to the world of leisure and entertainment.Upcoming developments on the island include Al Maryah Central, a luxury mall and Al Maryah Plaza.The starting price for studio apartment in Al maryah vista is 580,000 Aed .Al Maryah Island formerly known as Sowwah Island is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is named for the Arabian oryx ,many of which once inhabited the surrounding area. Al Maryah Island covers approximately 114 hectares and is currently being developed by Mubadala to be a new city center. It is one of the largest construction sites in Abu Dhabi.Al maryah island consist of offices,residential buildings,hospitals like cleveland clinic abu dhabi, beach, and other leisure infrastructure. The center of the island is Abu Dhabi Global Market Square, northeast of the city center of Abu Dhabi. Construction of Abu Dhabi Global Market Square started in 2007, and the first buildings opened in 2011.Apartment in al maryah island cost around 580,000 AED. buy properties for sale in freehold areas al maryah island abu dhabi