Global Projects

Global 99 was born in the United Kingdom back in 2004, covering a wide range of strategic geographical areas in Europe. The Board of Directors have decided to start a fresh firm, under the name of Global 99 Investment, rather than putting it under the umbrella of the conglomerate in UK, as a brave attempt to conquer the real estate market in the UAE and nearby regions, and to be recognized as an international entity.

The lifeline of the company is it’s specialization in residential and commercial real estate brokerage, which accounts for the majority of the company’s income as well as Property Management and Property Investment.

Our aim is simple, the company aims to introduce the cash-rich clients and or investors to the prosperous projects in different cities globally.

Our vision is to be a benchmark of world-wide recognised real estate business.


To provide a unique style of service for our clients globally.

To be the first choice for our clients whether is an investor or end-user for all their property needs.

To be known internationally as a competent and professional Property Investment business who provides excellent standard of marketing.