Outstanding Agent Emam Global99 Real Estate Abu Dhabi

Outstanding Agent Mahmoud Emam Global99 Real Estate Abu Dhabi

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Mahmoud Emam from Global 99 Investment with Mahmoud Al-Arnaout, Senior Account Manager at Property Finder

We at Global 99 investments strive to provide the best in industry real estate services to our clients. We have a passionate and motivated team who are self-driven to be the best at what they do. Any successful organization is built on the foundation of individuals who are determine to prove themselves and are passionate about their work. Mr. Mahmoud Emam sales director of Global 99 Property Investments is one such person whose passion and motivation has made him a prominent name in Abu Dhabi Real Estate market. Involved in real estate business since 2013, he has a multidimensional personality able to speak 4 languages apart from his mother tongue Arabic, needless to say has excellent communication skills with great ambitions. He is a source of inspiration and support for his colleagues, with his honesty he has served a long list of satisfied clients.

His passion grows over the years as Abu Dhabi buzzing market always gives opportunities to work with all kind of people and projects. Learn more about Mahmoud Emam from Global 99 Property Investment.

Congratulations! Tell our audience about your latest achievement which led you to win this month’s Outstanding Agent for Abu Dhabi award.

We have sold plots for off-plan properties in Abu Dhabi. That’s why we were eligible to win this award. The total value of these deals was AED 23,927,691 for 10 plots in Alreeman in the capital.

Tell our audience THREE things that set you apart from other agents and why they should call YOU when looking for a property in Abu Dhabi?

First thing, honesty is very important in my business. Secondly, the reality of the situation. If we give an update to our clients, it has to be the reality from both the buyer’s and seller’s side. You need to show them the real picture. Thirdly, communication is very important between my clients and me. I’m dealing with my client as a consultant, not a salesperson. I’m not selling a product, I’m selling properties. People call me for advice and I direct them to the right property within their budget.

What is the ONE piece of advice you’d give to agents who are new in the market or struggling to close deals?

Always be honest with your client. Be real and don’t run away once you’ve closed the deal. This client might recommend you to another one. Be experienced in your job and show your expertise.

What are the THREE key benefits of being Property Finder’s client? How do you use them to your advantage as an agent?

  • I extensively use Property Finder’s Call Tracking feature. This makes communication super easy with our clients and we can quickly reach out to them if we miss a call.
  • If you report a bad listing, Property Finder will remove it from the market and only keep the real listing.
  • The quality of leads we receive from Property Finder is really good. I use the Lead Tracker app most in my company.

What does winning the Outstanding Agent award mean to you? Why would you recommend others to enter the competition?

Every achievement means a lot to me. This appreciation from Property Finder makes me feel that I’m doing a good job.

I use the Outstanding Agent in my email signature and mention it in my business cards. Sometimes I meet people who tell me: “I saw you on social media.”

I would like to thank Mahmoud El-Arnaout for his availability. He has helped me be the best.

Awards are an important form of recognition, giving us the sense that we are providing benchmark services to our clients. These awards are testimony that we can build relationships with our clients and the biggest real estate players in the market acknowledge our efforts such as Propertyfinder. Global 99 investments does not accept the traditional transactional growth model, we believe that business must be beneficial for its clients in both ethical and financial terms. Of course the bottom line of any business is to make profit, but we are also here to make better relations for the future so that our services can be recommended further, these awards are testimony to our determination. Real estate is one of the least precarious investments it can be served as a hedging investment for a long term planning scenario. The awards just give you the glimpse that we are really good at it what we are doing from off plan projects to running one we can guide you for the best property to invest with great return on investment. We have expert property coordinators who are well verse in their designated area a viewing of any properties in Abu Dhabi can be arranged as per your convenience.