Why Real Estate Investing

Why Real Estate Investing

Why Real Estate Investing reason to invest in real estate abu dhabi body
There are lot of opportunities open for expat and loclas to invest in real estate

Real Estate Investing

Savings are the most important factor in anyone’s life, it gives you the financial freedom required to enjoy your lives to the fullest but, a lot of people outlive their savings therefore only savings are not guaranteed financial independence. It only becomes more important to get the money out of the bank and invest. But there are immense options for the investments, such as stock exchange or bonds then why real estate investment. Well there are various answers to that valid question. One is that the real estate investment provides relatively low risk investment and it is less volatile in nature. Unlike stocks and bonds it has physical aspect of brick and mortar to back it, thus the tangibility is another factor. Real estate is less sensitive to the negative news which highly affects the stock exchange prices and they fall in minutes. So to conclude it does make sense to invest in something which is less prone to risks. That doubt cleared, it’s important to move to the next step. The Next step is to decide the place which is equally stable to the nature of the investment. The answer to this question should be a place with stable economics, strategic location with vibrant and progressive community. The city which ticks all the aforementioned checklist is none other than Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE, the Emirate is famous for its oil wealth, round the year sunny days, serene beaches and amazing sand dunes. The amazing city is pulsating with vibrant community ranging from expats and locals. Abu Dhabi has everything to offer to everyone from individual professional residence to large families. In recent times this city has emerged as the popular destination in the Middle East as the city has world class landmark preserving the cultural heritage and also pushing the modern architecture to its limits. Thanks to the government support and one of the largest government backed wealth funds has made Abu Dhabi hottest destination for real estate investors. Apart from this policies for long term visas and for ownership have changed, investors can acquire full rights in the free zones and also own complete ownership in the designated industries. All these factors would be working as a catalyst for growth in Abu Dhabi in general and in abu dhabi real estate sector specifically.

Still wondering if this all is going to be sustainable then let’s look at the long term economic outlook for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the natural resource which are going to be the driving force for the economy.

  1. Abu Dhabi represent almost 60% of UAE`s economy.
  2. AED 330 billion Injected for various project funding between years 2013 to 2017.
  3. Abu Dhabi ranks 6th in the proven oil reserves in the world, with 10% of world oil production also 8% of the OPEC production.
  4. Abu Dhabi has 7th largest proven reserves for the natural gas.

All of the above facts just give the glimpse that the economy of the Abu Dhabi is strong steady and have positive prospects. Real estate investments like any other investment require some basic market research, one must straighten up their finances and keep them in order to make sure that they can achieve the best return on investments. The deciding factor on any investment would always be the return of investments and at the rates which they can multiply. There is no point buying the property and then coming under debt, the property rent should provide the mortgage itself with some change for owners pocket to have sustainable growth. Good news is that real state in Abu Dhabi rental market has been consistent in the rental revenues and it’s only expected to grow provided the ownership laws and investment policies are eased by the central government.

At Global 99 we always keep a keen eye on the market behaviour our expert team can refer the best properties ranging from studios to the lururious furnished villas. Whether you are looking to rent out, buy a property for living in it or looking for a better investment for a secure future, we do it all in an expert manner. But before investing one must take in account following aspects

  1. Market Scenario: investors must think ahead of time, market research is mandatory. One can research the current situation in the market and look if its suits their requirement for the investment as well as previous year’s market reading can be beneficial a lot. There are various methods to do that there are plethora of real estate website along with some trusted statistically driven websites such as, or more conventional but most effective way to call experts like Global 99 to get tailored service for your requirement.
  2. Location: Not all locations will bring in the same returns thus choosing the right location means the right amount of returns required. Best thing about real estate in Abu Dhabi is that there are various options available to suit any investor’s needs from apartments to villas with azure beach access and homes with huge layouts to cater the needs of any large family.
  3. Finances: Everything trickles down to the money, everyone want bang for their buck but we all are not equally blessed with disposable money to invest. Thus as mentioned earlier it is one of the most important factor to sort finances before starting the investment process.

The Abu Dhabi real estate market is flourishing. Projects in the capital city currently offer a high ROI of over 10% – 11% when investing in Abu Dhabi. Investors can choose from residential developments such as Saadiyat Island and Al Raha Beach and many more. But the best return on investments can be expected for Al Reem Island and Yas Island a bit on a low side investment can be done in Masdar City. To explore more about real estate news and real estate investment options kindly visit our website

Hopefully all the reading here would help you make a better decision in the real estate investment landscape, hesitate no more to contact us for any further details through email or phone call to get any advice regarding rental or buying. We have significant presence on the largest property portals in UAE as well, such as Bayut and Property finder. Do visit our website frequently to look for exclusive Global 99 properties suiting for your individual needs.


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